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"Just" Stories


Lost in the Library

by CJD

Pooh had wanted to meet her friend, Sheenie, at the beach. But Sheenie had to go to the Frenchburg library. Pooh thought that libraries were totally boring, but she decided to go and meet Sheenie anyway.

When Pooh got to the library, she couldn't find Sheenie anywhere. Pooh walked all around the library, but she didn't see her.

Pooh went down into the basement looking for her. It was dark down there, and oddly, it smelled like spinach. Pooh was nervous -- especially when she saw a clown in the corner. She wanted to get back upstairs quickly, but the hallway door was locked.

Pooh was scared, and she shouted very loudly. Finally someone came to the door. It was the librarian, Ms. CJ, who said,"Please be quiet." Pooh was so happy to see Ms. CJ, but when Pooh went upstairs, everyone in the library was looking at her.

Sheenie ran over to Pooh and said, 'What happened to you? You were making so much noise that everyone in here could hear you.' Pooh just laughed and said, 'I was just looking for you.'


Trouble at the Zoo

by CJD

Sadies had to take her little sister Pooh to the zoo, but she would have preferred to spend the day at the barn with the horses. She had promised Pooh that they would go see the elephant. So they got on the bus and went to the zoo.

When they arrived at the zoo, they saw the elephant running out of the parking lot! What on earth was going on? They even saw a monkey running behind it. They heard someone yell that the elephant was out of control, and that it escaped its cage by doing the "the Macarena" while the monkey played a grind organ. Sadies decided to help save the day and catch the elephant.

Sadies had an idea. She used her kazoo to play a song, and then Pooh started singing, '"Sixteen Tons"'. The music was so wonderful, that the elephant came back to hear the song. Then the zookeeper came out, and put the elephant back in its cage. Everyone was so thankful, and both Sadies and Pooh were featured on the evening news that night.


Construction Site Discoveries

by CJD

It was 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Lil' Bill was going out for a walk. She passed by the empty lot at the end of her street where a new skyscraper was being built.

"Thank goodness you are here!", called the brick layer. "You should have been here 5 minutes ago. We have a lot of work to do!"

Lil' Bill knew that she wasn't really supposed to be there, but she thought it would be fun to help. She watched the brick layer, and then she followed his every move. But Lil' Bill was clumsy. She accidentally dropped her pink and lime green handkerchief in between 1 of the bricks. It was squished in with mortar, and it was drying very fast. She wasn't able to get the handkerchief out, and she didn't say anything to the brick layer. After she made this mistake, Lil' Bill felt embarrassed, and so she decided to go home...very quickly!

The skyscraper was finished a few months later, and everytime Lil' Bill walked by it, she could see a tiny bit of her handkerchief sticking out of the bricks in the wall. She would always say, "Opps!" and laugh to herself.


Firefighter Heroes

by CJD

Ding, ding, ding went the loud alarm bell. Firefighter Shannon jumped out of bed, pulled on her pink and lilac firefighter's uniform and slid down the pole. There was a fire at Dayspring Assembly of God in Frenchburg. It was 8 o'clock Christmas Eve night. Relay received a message that during a particularly "moving" sermon during their annual Christmas Eve Candle Light Service someone had lost control of their candle and caught a hymnal on fire. Unable to put the hymnal "out", the fire spread to a nearby chair and then quickly onto the carpet.

Shannon jumped into the firetruck and went to the rescue.

At the scene of the fire, Shannon helped all of the people get out of the church and she rescued the Junior Youth classroom pet, "Dinky". They pointed the hose straight at the fire, and the fire was put out very quickly. Thank God the church wasn't damaged too badly or anyone hurt.

"Whew-hoo! The firefighters of Frenchburg saved the day!", everyone shouted.

On their way back to the fire station, the firefighters sang their favorite song,"Keep the Candle Burning". And when they passed the grocery store, they stopped for their favorite snack, some pizza and BIG GULP slurpies. When they finally got back to the station, they all took a long rest.


Field Trip to the Factory

by CJD

The kids at Dayspring Assembly of God were taking a field trip to the Sweet Factory. They were going to learn how to make Candy and Cookies. When they arrived, Ms. CJ told the students not to touch anything inside the factory. It could be very dangerous.

Dinky was not a very good listener. He disobeyed Ms. CJ as soon as he saw a RED button. He pushed the button, and then something crazy happened. Dinky's leg fell through a hole in the floor, and he fell onto something soft and sticky. It was cottoncandy! He tried to get up, but he realized that he was on a machine that was going to turn him into cottoncandy. He wiggled his leg, but he was stuck.

Just a moment later, Ms. CJ came and saved him. Ms. CJ said, "Dinky, you never listen to me! Therefore, you will never be allowed to go on a field trip again." Dinky was so happy to be saved, that he didn't even mind.


The Festival and the Filly

by CJD

Liz was on her way to Frenchburg when she saw a festival. "Oh, boy!" ,she said.

Suddenly, Angel appeared holding a red balloon. Follow me, said Angel, and the two sisters ran down the street until they came to a crowded parking lot where people were listening to music and dancing.

Excited, Liz ran towards the dancepad while Angel watch and began to sing.

Suddenly they noticed something coming down the road. It was a horse. The horse had 1 flower behind each of it's ears and was wearing a horse-sized pink grass hula skirt.

Liz and Angel looked at each other and lost themselves in laughter. It was the funniest thing they had ever seen!

"Train up a child in the way he (she) should go: and when he (she) is old, he (she) will not depart from it" ~ Proverbs 22:6