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"MOST WANTED" --- # 1: Women Candidates for President of the United States

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"MOST WANTED" --- # 1: Women Candidates for President of the United States
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Because you WANTED to know if any women had ever ran for President of the United it is. As you can see, women have been very active in pursuing the top political station in America. Perhaps we will all be granted the extraordinary pleasure of seeing a women seated in the Oval Office..who knows, it may be one of our Dayspring Junior gals. You can be anything you determine to be...with God all things are possible. Dream big girls!


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The following is a List of female U.S. presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Listed are those women who achieved ballot access in at least one state. They may have won the nomination of one of the US political parties (either one of the major parties, or one of the third parties), or made the ballot as an Independent, and in either case must have votes in the election to qualify for this list.

Not included are women who lost a nominating convention or primary election for their party's nomination, write-in candidates, or fictional candidates.



Female U.S. Presidential Candidates

1872-Victoria Woodhull
1884-Belva Ann Lockwood
1888-Belva Ann Lockwood
1968-Charlene Mitchell
1972-Linda Jenness
1972-Evelyn Reed
1976-Margaret Wright
1980-Ellen McCormack
1980-Maureen Smith
1980-Deirdre Griswold
1984-Sonia Johnson
1984-Gavrielle Holmes
1988-Lenora Fulani
1988-Willa Kenoyer
1992-Lenora Fulani
1992-Helen Halyard
1992-Isabell Masters
1992-Gloria LaRiva
1996-Monica Moorehead
1996-Marsha Feinland
1996-Mary Cal Hollis
1996-Diane Beall Templin
1996-Isabell Masters
2000-Monica Moorehead
2000-Cathy Gordon Brown



Female U.S. Vice Presidential Candidates

1884-Marietta Stow
1924-Marie Brehm
1948-Grace Carlson
1952-Charlotta Bass
1952-Myra Tanner Weiss
1956-Georgia Cozzini
1956-Myra Tanner Weiss
1956-Ann Marie Yezo
1960-Georgia Cozzini
1960-Myra Tanner Weiss
1972-Genevieve Gundersen
1972-Theodora B. Nathan
1976-Constance Blomen
1976-Willie Mae Reid
1980-Elizabeth Cervantes Barron
1980-Naomi Cohen
1980-Angela Davis
1980-Diane Drufenbrock
1980-Wretha Hanson
1980-La Donna Harris
1980-Gavrielle Holmes
1980-Eileen Shearer
1980-Matilde Zimmermann
1984-Angela Davis
1984-Geraldine Ferraro
1984-Andrea Gonzales
1984-Helen Halyard
1984-Gloria LaRiva
1984-Nancy Ross
1984-Maureen Salaman
1984-Matilde Zimmermann
1988-Joan Andrews
1988-Joyce Dattner
1988-Debra Freeman
1988-Susan Gardner
1988-Helen Halyard
1988-Gloria LaRiva
1988-Kathleen Mickells
1988-Vikki Murdock
1992-Estelle DeBates
1992-Doris Feimer
1992-Barbara Garson
1992-Nancy Lord
1992-Maria Elizabeth Munoz
1992-Willie Mae Reid
1992-Asiba Tupahache
1996-Connie Chandler
1996-Laura Garza
1996-Anne Goeke
1996-Rosemary Giumarra
1996-Madelyn Hoffman
1996-Jo Jorgensen
1996-Rachel Bubar Kelly
1996-Winona LaDuke
1996-Shirley Jean Masters
1996-Krista Paradise
1996-Kate McClatchy
1996-Muriel Tillinghast
2000-Sabrina R. Allen
2000-Ezola B. Foster
2000-Mary Cal Hollis
2000-Winona LaDuke
2000-Gloria LaRiva
2000-Margaret Trowe
2004-Marilyn Chambers
2004-Irene M. Deasy
2004-Teresa Gutierrez
2004-Arrin Hawkins
2004-Mary Alice Herbert
2004-Janice Jordan
2004-Pat LaMarche
2004-Jennifer A. Ryan
2004-Karen Sanchirico
2004-Margaret Trowe


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