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Although I've only been saved (a born-again Christian...believer in and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ) since May 4th 1997...I have always known of and been certain of God. My idea of the personage of Jesus was a bit limited and my knowledge of the Holy spirt totally lacking, but I always knew God "was"...that is, that He existed. The difference now is that I really know Him, through my personal relationship with Jesus and the witness of His Holy Spirit, who now dwells within me.

Throughout my troubled childhood and teen years I had always felt as if God were watching out for me...taking care while no one else did. And I had always held out hope that perhaps, maybe, He might even love me...even though others did not...I must admit, the circumstances of my life often made me wonder about this.

Now, I am certain that not only was He lovingly and carefully "keeping" me...but He most definately has always loved me...and He always will.

I thank God for His protection and nurturing over my many lonely, dark years...I thank Him for the same steady hand today...I did not earn, nor did I deserve his mercy and "amazing" grace...yet, He extends it my way daily.

Today I move forward---perhaps not quite as boldly as He'ld have me---but nevertheless, forward.

I move toward a future He has laid before He designed especially for me long before He spoke the words, "It is finished." ...long before He created the earth. It is a future that will someday be completely realized when I stand before Him and He welcomes me home, at last. Until then, I do what He has called me to and serve. I love and serve Him, I love and serve His people...(by His Great Grace

And I remain in His Company...join me...connect here to become a part of the Jesus Company. I look forward to meeting you and share in your good company also. Click the link below for Jesus Company Study Group.


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