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I am a member of Dayspring Assembly of God. To give you an overview of our beliefs, I will list the Sixteen Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies. They are are as follows:

1] The Scripture Inspired
2] The One True God
3] The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ
4] The Fall of Man
5] The Salvation of Man
6] Ordinances of the Church (Water Baptism & Holy Communion)
7] The Baptism in the Holy Ghost
8] The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Ghost (Speaking in an unknown tongue as the Spirit gives utterance)
9] Sanctification
10] The Church and it's Mission
11] The Ministry
12] Divine Healing
13] The Blessed Hope
14] The Millennial Reign of Christ
15] The Final Judgment
16] The New Heaven and New Earth

(For more about these check out the link below.).

Dayspring Assembly of God is located in a small rural community in Menifee County (Eastern) Kentucky. Ours is a small church with Sunday morning attendance ranging between 50-80 most often.

We have two established outreach programs that minister to the community:

The Dayspring Food Pantry which helps provide food for nearly 300 families in Menifee County...and our Visitation Ministry which takes the gospel of Jesus Christ to shut-in patients (those who are sick and homebound), hospitals, 1 jail, and 3 nursing homes in 3 counties. This ministry was founded and is coordinated by my husband and I. We have been involved in outreach ministry for about 7 years now.

The membership of Dayspring consists mainly of people of middle aged and over.However,we have gained a predominant number of new converts and "young" in Christ attendees, so, beginning April 3rd, 2006 ,a third outreach will be offered, but it will be an outreach to meet an "inner" need.

I will begin leading a Small Group Study in my home aimed at helping this group acheive spiritual growth and understanding.

To learn more about what we believe at Dayspring, I encourage you to Click on the link below.

I will be making additional entries to this page with more personal information...conversions, baptisms, etc. Easter is always a wonderful time...check back for more.

Click here to go to the Assemblies of God Offical Website.

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How would I best promote my church?

First of all I would discourage anyone who was looking to attend a place whose "name was on the map" or a place where they could "rub shoulders" with "the names" in spiritual leadership.

We are not a Super-Mega-Dynamic-Phenomenon...we are a simple family church. No "lights, camera, action!" "superstar pastoral team" (although we do consider our pastoral team to be a super couple).

Secondly, I would discourage anyone from attending who is looking for a place to come and have their conscience stroked.

Our pastor is a man of God and delivers the Word of God...whether to teach, whether to reproof, whether to correct, whether to instruct us in righteousness,...Ref. 2 Timothy 3:16... whatever the reason. His messages aren't always easy to receive...they don't always leave us "feeling good" about ourselves. But they are always for our benefit.

How would I promote our church?

If you are looking for a place where you can have a real worship experience...

If you are looking for a place where you will be led by a leader who has a true relationship with God and whose primary purpose is the great pleasure of our Lord Jesus Christ...

If you are looking for a place where people matter, regardless of age, gender, socio-economic background, race, etc...

If you are looking for a place where children are encourage today to become the leaders of tomorrow...

If you are looking for a place where love more than good times and in bad times...

If you are looking for a place where laughter and fun are totally exceptable qualities for Christian behavior...

If you are looking for a place where everyone will know you by will not be just another face in the crowd...

If you are looking for a place where God can really use you...where your talents and skills can be put to good use...

I could go on and on...but, if any of the above would apply to you...then I would highly recommend our church to you.

Over the past couple of weeks the LOVE of our members has shown so brightly as we face a terrible tragedy. Four members of our church past on well before their time due to a terrible act of violence.

What the enemy has meant for harm has in fact brought a greater deepth of LOVE and COMPASSION...a greater sense of UNITY.

This is my church...Dayspring Assembly of God...a place of LOVE, COMPASSION, and UNITY in Christ Jesus.