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My Journal

From time to time I will want to share thoughts and feelings from my ordinary life. Perhaps I will write about something very special...or perhaps my subject will be rather simple...but either way, this is


Friday, March 31, 2006

Since this is my first journal entry I will write about one of my favorite grandchildren!

God has blessed my life with two beautiful granddaughters and is currently performing a mighty good work within my daughter that (according to the latest sonogram examination) is an additional granddaughter.

Our oldest is five years old and we call her Nae. Her name is Robyn. She went today to register for kindergarten. She has been wanting to attend school since she was at least two (if not before then). She's so excited that she will finally get to go. She has the curliest blond hair that can become a frizzy, fuzzy mess if not kept up...kinda reminds me at times of She is an absolute GIRL! Loves to dress up in dresses, wear pretty shoes and wear make up. She usually spends her money on purses, make up and jewelry. When I go to the beauty shop or go to the Nail Salon, she likes to go with me. She loves getting her hair and nails done. In fact, When she was 3 months old she would lay and let me put tiny little hair bows all in her hair (what little there was of it)! Everyone was always surprised. She has already been flowergirl in 2 weddings...she loves stuff like that! Oh yeah, she has alos already decided who she will marry when she grows 17 year old sons best friend (also 17)! LOL.

The other one is 2 years old until her birthday (8 days from now). We call her Britt; her name is Brittney. She's a live wire! Nothing like her older sister, she is not a girlie-girl and is like total raw energy! She loves to sing and will often make up songs...her latest song is "I'm not the baby...I'm not the baby....this is the baby...this is the baby." She sings this when she is sitting next to her mom and she pats on the place where the baby is right now as she sings it. I think it's so cute. Some of her other songs are "Jesus loves me", "Kumbaha", "Rise and Shine", and "The Holy Ghost will take the chicken out of you".

And last but not least, the new baby, as I mentioned, is supposed to be a girl also and her mom and dad have decided to name her Destiny. Destiny is due to arrive June 15th. Her Papaw and I are wondering..where will we put her...the other two are all over us! But I'm sure she will find her place soon enough...we have a BIG house and even BIGGER hearts!

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Today is Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I spent all of last week coming to one conclusion: life without children in the home(regardless of their age) is very lonely indeed. My youngest (17 year old) was away on his Senior trip and I missed him something fierce. He will be moving away in the fall to attend college and with taht my "nest" will officially be empty. I am not pleased about it one bit, although, as a parent, I do want him to realize his own dreams. He will be 18 on the 20th of this month...another milestone for him...another stepping stone for me...I will step lightly.

Some things are just noteworthy...for instance, LIFE.